Motor Vehicle Medical     $80

Medical for drivers license. (Please bring list of medications and drivers license).

Medical    $50

Does not include medicals that need blood work or Drivers License medicals.

Medical procedures      $35

Examples: Ear syringing, women's wellness exams (Pap smears).

Medical Intervention      $15

Regular injections. (This does not include vaccinations. Please book Immunization if you need a vaccine and know which one you need.)

Immunization     $20

Does not include cost of vaccines. Only book if you know which vaccines you need.

Medical with follow up     $60

Medical with immunization record, x-ray or blood work.

Initial Visit​       $35

Please book this appointment type if you have not previously been seen at the clinic by the Nurse Practitioner. You are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before scheduled time to do paperwork. Time allocated for appointment will be used if you do not have paperwork done before appointment time.

Appointment for Referral     $35

Referral to specialists, other healthcare providers (Dermatology, Surgery, etc.)

**Note: If you have a family doctor please see them for this service.


Basic Travel Consultation    $45

Does not include cost of vaccines. Includes most of Europe, North America, Central America and Caribbean.

Regular Visit      $35

A regular visit. Not for referrals or for special medicals. Not for first visit to clinic.

Extended Travel Consultation    $65

Does not include the cost of vaccines. For Countries in Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America.

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